caturday (5)

cat baby

In the wake of what happened yesterday, check out this and other moments to restore your faith in humanity in this Buzzfeed article.  Disclaimer: it might make you cry, but for totally different reasons than yesterday’s events did.

So it’s been a while…

Hello, friends. I’ve definitely been neglecting this blog recently. I do feel badly about that, and I have many things to tell you, but life has been a little busy.

If you miss me terribly, though, you are more than welcome to go check out my writing elsewhere on the internet!

-Earlier this week, I made my debut at Hack Library School with a post on being an introvert, social media, and library school. You can read all about it here.

-Today I have a new post up on Information Space, on social media tips for libraries, something I learned from one of the sessions I attended at the NYLA conference. You can check that out here.

I have one more class, one more assignment, and one more day of work before Thanksgiving break begins. I anticipate having a little more time to write in the near future, so stay tuned for more about what I learned from NYLA, library responses to Superstorm Sandy, and perhaps just some random thoughts. In the meantime, to hold you over, here is a gratuitous cat picture:

(If you need more cat pictures in your life, check out this Flavorwire post on famous library cats.)

caturday (1)

Because all blogs should have at least SOME pictures of cats:

Full disclosure: This cat actually belongs not to me, but to my roommate, Elise.  However, she spends a lot of time hanging out in my room (probably because I have a lot of stuff to climb in/on/around/over). Also, she snores.