Library Promo Video

So this week in IST 611, we were asked to create a short video to promote the upcoming week’s events at our libraries (this was entirely hypothetical, in my case).  Here is my humble attempt at enticing students to come visit the library:


(Note: I really, really hate being in front of the camera-please don’t judge too harshly!)

So what are some things you do to promote your library?  How do you feel about being in front of a camera?  Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Library Promo Video

  1. I really enjoyed your video, Alison. I like how you give a summary of all that’s going on in the library. It reaches a wide audience, as each person can stop by for a different reason.
    –Lisa U.

  2. I too liked the way you addressed the interests of a variety of students. It was a good idea to do so. It builds interests from a wide range of students.

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