#LR2012 Challenge: Standalone Sorrow

So as I mentioned previously, over the next few weeks I’m participating in the Last Reads of 2012 Challenge.  I shared my reading goals with you in my last post (and you will be happy to know that my list of books has already changed a lot-just chalk it up to perpetual indecision).

ANYWAY. In addition to reading like crazy (or at a leisurely pace), there are also daily blog challenges to partake in, if one is so inclined.  Today’s challenge, hosted by Eileen at Singing and Reading in the Rain, is as follows:

“Standalone Sorrow is about me expressing how much I wish the standalones I loved were really a series, just so I could see more of a few characters, more of a plot, or I just wanted to have my heart ache a little longer!”

Since there are definitely characters I’d love to see more of, as well, I thought I’d share with you a few books that, in my perfect world, would have a sequel (or many).

jkt_9780545334747.indd1. Take a Bow, by Elizabeth Eulberg

This was absolutely one of my favorite books this year.  I loved the characters so much, plus it was set at a performing arts high school in New York City.  I would love to see what happens next for Emme, Ethan, Carter, and the gang.

statistical2. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, by Jennifer E. Smith

Because 24 hours is not nearly enough time to spend with Oliver.  End of story.

secondchancesummer3. Second Chance Summer, by Morgan Matson

Definitely one of the saddest books I read this year, but I couldn’t help but love it anyway.  I also think that seeing how the characters cope with grief, long distance relationships, trying to go back to their normal lives, etc. would make an interesting story-it’s not JUST because I want more Henry (not gonna lie, though-that is a large part of it).

So there you have it.  Even though the world of YA is filled with sequels and trilogies, sometimes to the point of exasperation, there are some characters who you’d love to have around for more than one book, and these are my picks.  What are yours?  Let me know!

A few notes:

-Readathon progress: 2 books read so far; Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins and Long May She Reign by Ellen Emerson White (actually a re-read)

-It’s not too late to join the readathon yourself! Visit Jen’s, Patrick’s, or Eileen’s blogs to sign up, and follow along on Twitter-#LR2012.

-On Sunday, I’ll be hosting a readathon challenge on books with the most brutal cliffhangers-make sure you stop by to check it out and add your two cents!

-The holidays are upon us!  If you’re in the mood for something more festive to read, head over to InfoSpace and check out my posts on taking advantage of libraries during the holidays and holiday greetings in the digital age.

4 thoughts on “#LR2012 Challenge: Standalone Sorrow

  1. Aww thanks for participating in the readathon and my challenge! I read The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight and it was just so cute! Like, I just completely fell in love with it when I first read it! And I haven’t read Take a Bow yet but I really need to! I’ve been hearing amazing things about it 🙂

    • The readathon has been fun so far! Plus, the challenges are a good way to remember all the great stuff I’ve read this year. You should definitely read Take a Bow-it was definitely one of my favorites!

  2. I read the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight within a 24-hour period. It was the book that inspired me to start keeping a book blog of my own. (Albeit, a very slowly developing one!) I am definitely adding your other recommendations to my “to-read” list!

    • Now that 511 is over, I’m toying with the idea of turning this blog into a hybrid library school/book blog-I thought the readathon would be a good way to test the waters.

      If your “to-read” list is anything like mine, I’m so sorry to have made it longer!

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