TBR Thursday: Sequels/Series

Happy Thursday, friends. This week I’m going to share with you a few books I can’t wait to read because they’re continuations of some stories I already love. All of these books are sequels or the next book in a series, and I’m DYING to find out what happens next!

1. Once, by Anna Carey

Once is the second book in the Eve trilogy.  In this dystopian world, girls are told they’re going to college, but instead a much worse fate awaits them when they leave school (I know I’m being vague, but I don’t want to give too much away!).  When Eve finds out about what’s going to happen to her, she decides to escape; The first book chronicles her attempts to find a safe place to stay, and as the book ends, it appears she’s finally found that place…but there’s a twist!  I’m looking forward to finding out what happens next for Eve and her companions.

2. Days of Blood and Starlight, by Laini Taylor

Angels and chimera and humans, oh my!  This is another second book in a trilogy; the first book is called Daughter of Smoke and Bone.  At the end of the first book, the main character, Karou had to decide whether to stay with the love of her life or avenge those to whom she was closest…book two promises love, war, heartbreak, secrets, and hard choices.  It comes out in November, and I’m counting down the days.

3. Reached, by Ally Condie

Final book in the Matched trilogy, also coming out in November.  We’ll finally find out if anything can take down the Society, and if Cassia and Ky will end up together.  Side note: I also like these books because of their subtle commentary on censorship.

4. The Crown of Embers, by Rae Carson

Clearly I have a problem: I am addicted to trilogies.  This is the second book in the The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy.  I actually thought The Girl of Fire and Thorns was a standalone when I first read it, so I was thrilled to find out there would be more to Elisa’s story.  Elisa became so strong and accomplished a great deal in the first book, but she also dealt with so much tragedy; I hope there is more happiness for her in this book (though, since it is a trilogy, I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up!).

5. Requiem, by Lauren Oliver

I did not want to read this series.  Love as a disease?  I was not into it, and though I love dystopias, this one just didn’t appeal to me.  Then I finally broke down and read Delirium, the first book in the (you guessed it) trilogy.  Lauren Oliver did a great job, and my mind was changed completely.  I recently read Pandemonium, the second book, which featured several pretty big twists, and now I’m a little sad that I have to wait until MARCH to get my hands on this final book in the trilogy.

Are there any book series or trilogies you’re loving right now?  Tell me if there’s anything I should add to my list!

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