Library Links

Happy Friday, friends!  Here’s some library news floating around the internet:

-Have I mentioned yet that it’s Banned Books Week?  Well, you can get some banned and challenged books for free!  Here is a list of 18 “controversial” books, such as 1984, The Call of the Wild, and The Lord of the Rings, that are available for free in ebook form.  Also, you can enter to win 30 ebooks that have been banned/challenged/censored/etc.

-Over on Flavorwire, you can read some authors’ interesting responses to their books being banned.  I personally enjoyed the reactions of Mark Twain and Kurt Vonnegut; what do you think?

-Meanwhile, the Lawrence Public Library in Kansas asked local artists to submit artwork based on their favorite banned books.  All of the submissions are on display this week at the library (and online), and the library selected 7 to turn into trading cards.  They’ve been giving away one card each day, and this project has become so popular that you can also buy them!

-Obviously, Banned Books Week isn’t the only thing going on in the world.  After 7 years of litigation, publishers and Google have reached an agreement about digitized books and journals for the Google Library Project.  What do you guys think about this?

-With so much information available to us digitally, is there still a need for actual, physical libraries?  The answer is YES, and one person explains why here.

Have you found anything interesting lately in the world of books and libraries?  Let me know!

P.S.-Shameless plug time.  As of yesterday, I also blog for Information Space, the iSchool’s blog.  If you aren’t sick of my rambling on and on about banned books, check out my post over there.

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