pretty, pretty libraries

Earlier this week, Jeanette wrote a post about the need for buildings that are “dedicated to quiet study, thought, and reflection in today’s noisy world,” or, to rephrase, what typically comes to mind for most people upon hearing the word ‘library.’

I think she makes a valid point.  In our pursuit of collaboration and knowledge creation in the name of new librarianship, we are told to focus on what the community needs.  Sometimes, a community needs a place people find inspiring, or a place that represents the community’s aspirations toward becoming more knowledgeable.

All of that was basically a long-winded way of informing you that I thought I’d brighten your Friday with some pretty pictures of libraries I find inspirational.

So here you go:

Clockwise, from upper left: Rijksmuseum Research Library, Amsterdam; Bristol Central Library, Bristol, UK; Paul Barrett, Jr., Library, Rhodes College; Lehigh University Library; Clementinum National Library, Czech Republic; Chancellor Green Library, Princeton University

And one more inspirational library, for good measure:

Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame

In my quest for inspirational libraries, I looked at a number of different lists on the topic of beautiful libraries.  Feel free to browse through a few of these, and let me know what YOU find inspirational.  Is it one of these libraries, or something completely different?

2 thoughts on “pretty, pretty libraries

  1. I think it’s easy to miscount space when talking about new librarianship. We’re thinking about this world outside the walls of a building, after all. However, it is so important to recognize that a space must somehow reflect or aid the needs of it’s members. For me personally, I find libraries with lush green space inspirational. Something about being among the quiet, natural space really helps me maintain a calm, focused attitude. Comfort in simplicity for me.
    Thanks for the post!

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